Better guidelines for patients with gastrointestinal bleeding could reduce pressures in the ER
Control of adipocyte metabolism by creatine
Speaker: Dr. Lawrence Kazak, PhD
The RI-MUHC is one of eight research centres participating in an NIH-funded project to accelerate the understanding of rare suppurative respiratory diseases...
Presented by The Desjardin Centre for Advanced Training (DCAT)
Public tours followed the journey of a cancer research sample at the Glen site
Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Program (BRaIN)
Functional organization of thalamocortical circuits in visual cortex
Invited speaker: Dr. Jose-Manuel Alonso
The Roles of Locally Coordinated Synaptic Plasticity in Health and Disease
Invited speaker: Dr. Jacque Pak Kan Ip
Chromatin remodelling complexes in retinal neurogenesis
Invited speaker: Dr. Pierre Mattar
Visual information processing - noise and efficiency
Invited speaker: Dr. Alex Baldwin
Population Neuroscience - Big studies, big challenges
Invited speaker: Dr. Christina Wolfson
Epigenomics, chromatin and cancer stem cells in glioblastoma
Speaker: Marco Gallo, PhD
World-renowned researchers. Vibrant learning environment. First-class facilities. If it sounds too good to be true, you weren’t at...
Building a community that supports patient-oriented research
What we can do for youWe are a dedicated team of highly experienced and qualified biostatisticians. We can offer:Preparation of grant...
Biostatistics Consulting Unit The Biostatistics Consulting Unit (BCU) provides consultations on biostatistics related to basic, clinical,...
Patient empowerment app developed by members of the Research Institute of the MUHC receives the Grand Prix de l’année
Congratulations to Emily MacLean, doctoral student at the RI-MUHC!
The Burden of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Diagnostic Challenges and Risk Profiling
Speaker: Giada Sebastiani, MD
Machine learning on biological networks and its application in medicine
Speaker: Dr. Amin Emad
The Genome Canada Transplant Consortium and the Challenge of Graft Rejection
Speaker: Dr. Paul Keown, PhD
Interview with Jan Seuntjens and William Parker of the MUHC
Getting answers from babies about autism
Presenter: Mayada Elsabbagh, PhD