Planarians, Stem Cells and Organ Regeneration
Invited Speaker: CARRIE ADLER, PHD
All are welcome to participate in the vendor show and visit around 20 sponsor booths.
Fetal & Neonatal Adversities and Preterm Brain Health
Biology of Aging: Understanding Aging to Better Intervene
Revolutionary research findings honoured, as well as passion and compassion in research and patient care
Honours and awards published July 31, 2019
Bicaudal C Mutation Reveals Core Conserved Mechanisms of Renal Cyst Formation
To familiarize the Montreal Children’s Hospital research community with MICYRN (Maternal Infant Child Youth Research Network): its history, evolution...
Melt Printing Polymeric Microspheres for the Controlled Release of Whole-Plant Medicinal Cannabis Extract
Invited Speaker: DAN Y. LEWITUS, PHD
Marina Klein co-leads initiative to make Montreal the first city in North America to eliminate hepatitis C
Explore what the BRaIN Program has to offer
RI-MUHC trainee Stéphane Isnard honoured for his research on gut permeability in HIV
RI-MUHC trainee Stéphane Isnard honoured for his research on gut permeability in HIV
New committee will address gender imbalance behind regulatory decisions
Dr. Yoanna Skrobik is co-author of an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine
Projects led by Isabel Fortier and Bartha Knoppers will share human data to advance the understanding of cancer and chronic disease
Dr. Natalie Dayan studies how heart problems in pregnant women can sometimes impact them for life
Utilizing Mouse Models of Metastatic Disease For Experimental Therapeutics: Impact on Some Adult and Pediatric Oncology Clinical Trials
Invited Speaker: ROBERT S. KERBEL, PHD
Stem Cell Therapies for Male Infertility
Invited Speaker: KYLE ORWIG, PHD
Study aims to lighten the burden of persistent infections in people living with cystic fibrosis
Congratulations to Dorival Martins Jr., postdoctoral fellow at the RI-MUHC!
RI-MUHC teams received over $7.5 million in project funding