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We are proud to celebrate the scientific achievements of our researchers and trainees in publications, grant competitions, honors and awards, and appointments, as well as in the mainstream press.

Summer Student Research Day returns to the RI-MUHC

A diverse group of young research trainees present their summer projects

Parasitic worms reprogram intestinal stem cells to evade the immune system

A new collaboration between immunoparasitologists and stem cell biologists at the RI-MUHC describes...

RI-MUHC cancer genetics expert honoured by UBC

Dr. William Foulkes receives the 2022 Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize in Cancer Research

RI-MUHC study highlights the role of fat metabolism enzyme in aggressive prostate cancer

A fatty acid metabolism enzyme drives prostate cancer aggressiveness...

RI-MUHC trainee awarded 2022 Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

Joan Miguel Romero is investigating T cell−inflammation in pancreatic cancer

RI-MUHC leads study to identify a novel mechanism driving aggressive prostate cancer

This international research collaboration may lead to a shift in the clinical management of patients...

$6.7 million to study the impacts of COVID-19 on children

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos visits Montreal to announce a new investment in pediatric research and to congratulate researcher...

Immunotherapy showing significant advancements in lung cancer treatment

Phase 3 clinical trial of neoadjuvant nivolumab leads to practice-changing results

Where immune cells are located is critical for cancer immune therapy, a new study shows

An innovative new approach highlights the relevance of immune cells’ position within melanoma to inform on a...

RI-MUHC team receives Discovery of the Year Award from Québec Science magazine

Jean-Jacques Lebrun’s team at the RI-MUHC has won the 2021 Québec Science Discovery of the Year Award...

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