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We are proud to celebrate the scientific achievements of our researchers and trainees in publications, grant competitions, honors and awards, and appointments, as well as in the mainstream press.

A new research study may reduce surgical interventions for baby girls

Work by a team of child health researchers from the RI-MUHC and across Canada provides new insights into treatment for fetal ovarian cysts

Defining pain in children to improve and personalize treatment

The work of RI-MUHC researchers leads to a new treatment protocol

Researchers discover new gene variant causing inherited lung disease in Inuit

The newly discovered gene variant could contribute to high rates of Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia in Inuit populations

A genetic mutation found to cause chronic lung disease in indigenous children

A rare genetic mutation could explain why indigenous children have greatly increased rates of respiratory...

MUHC opens Quebec’s first multidisciplinary referral centre for endometriosis

EndoCARES offers state-of-the-art clinical care and will enhance basic, epidemiological and clinical research...

Giving children with brain-based developmental disabilities a voice in research

Creating real change for children and families: CIHR highlights the CHILD-BRIGHT Network

Too much pruning: A new study sheds light on how neurodegeneration occurs in the brain

A Montreal research team demonstrates how genetic mutations cause brain cell...

Endometriosis seems to increase the risk of preeclampsia

Findings of a new research study can help ensure that women with endometriosis who conceive spontaneously receive appropriate care

Picture a Scientist: the RI-MUHC marks International Women’s Day with film screening and discussion

A panel of RI-MUHC women scientists and allies discuss the roles of women in science

Loydie Jerome-Majewska receives the Anne McLaren Award

RI-MUHC researcher has shed light on genes responsible for human craniofacial syndromes and placental biology

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