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RI-MUHC study highlights the role of fat metabolism enzyme in aggressive prostate cancer

A fatty acid metabolism enzyme drives prostate cancer aggressiveness...

RI-MUHC trainee receives oral presentation prize from Canadian Conference on Ovarian Cancer Research

Doctoral student Wejdan Alenezi proposes new genes to predict ovarian...

The RI-MUHC is first in Canada to adopt sentinel-free animal health monitoring

One of ten champion institutions in North America, the RI-MUHC has completely switched to a new program...

RI-MUHC leads study to identify a novel mechanism driving aggressive prostate cancer

This international research collaboration may lead to a shift in the clinical management of patients...

Improving the performance of rapid tests through clear instructions

Researchers at the RI-MUHC investigate whether rapid antigenic detection tests for COVID-19 could be adequately used in the workplace.

Five RI-MUHC researchers receive new funding from MI4

Cutting-edge projects in infection and immunity supported in Round 4 of MI4’s Seed Fund Grant program

Immunotherapy showing significant advancements in lung cancer treatment

Phase 3 clinical trial of neoadjuvant nivolumab leads to practice-changing results

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