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The Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training

The skills of the advanced life sciences trainee are essential in spearheading Canada's innovation. Diverse career pathways inside and outside of academia are possible. When the research and scientific skills of life sciences trainees are matched with complementary skills in communications, leadership, entrepreneurship and teamwork, these trainees are an unstoppable force for innovation and success in a variety of domains: 

  • Academia
  • Government
  • Business
  • Industry
  • Not-for-profit.

Recognizing this, the RI-MUHC offers activities through the Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training to enhance the professional skills and career development of its research trainees. The Centre works to provide RI-MUHC trainees with:

  • Access to opportunities for professional skills training (both research and transferable skills) by working with partners at McGill and by developing in-house workshops and seminar series that fill identified needs
  • Unique access to a program that builds their business skills, the John Molson School of Business Certificate in Graduate Business Administration (Concordia University)
  • New partnerships and on-the-ground training opportunities that help propel RI-MUHC research trainees into their desired careers
  • Exposure to the wide variety of career paths available to the life sciences graduate
  • A narrowed gap between research trainees and their future employers through opportunities for interacting with industry, government and other sectors
  • A body of skills that sets RI-MUHC trainees apart when they approach potential employers for an academic or non-academic job.

Peer Career Groups

The Peer Career Groups (PCG) program (a collaboration between the Centre and McGill’s Career Planning Service) provides an opportunity to explore self and career from A to Z. Similar group coaching programs offered by private career counselors cost almost $1,000. Over the six months in the program you will: 

  • Actively engage in self-reflection through structured exercises to reveal individual strengths, values and interests
  • Engage in individual activities and discuss your progress in peer triads (we will match you with peers who are similar in terms of training and goals) 
  • Participate in five workshops designed to introduce the next stage of work you will do on your own and with your triads
  • Work with a small group of peers to foster a supportive network for discussing individual strengths, values, and interests to gain additional insights and perspectives
  • Obtain information about a variety of career paths both through independent research and networking with PCG participants.

Graduate Certificate in Business Administration offered by Concordia University

The Desjardins Centre for Advanced Training of the RI-MUHC offers RI-MUHC trainees and employees priority status when applying to the Graduate Certificate in Business Administration (GCBA) program offered by Concordia University’s John Molson School of Business.

  • The GCBA is comprised of five courses (a total of 15 credits), where each course has been carefully selected to provide a strong base of business skills. Particular emphasis has been placed on courses that have direct applicability to both the public and private health science industries as well as for operating an academic lab. 
  • Applications for the program are accepted in June and in September.
  • Information sessions on the GCBA will be offered in Spring 2017. 

Modules for Enhanced Health Research Training

More information to come soon.