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Seeking to understand how cancer spreads

A new RI-MUHC research study identifies the role of neutrophil extracellular traps in promoting cancer metastasis to the lymph nodes

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RI-MUHC laboratory wins the International Freezer Challenge at McGill University

This impressive win for the Specimen Processing Laboratory at the Centre for Innovative Medicine is part of a push for greater...

New understanding of processes involved in breast cancer metastasis

A study led by RI-MUHC researcher Nathalie Lamarche-Vane reveals the mechanisms underlying regulation...

CTB Technology Platforms Seminar

Whole workflow for flow cytometry and singe cell RNA sequencing

Exosomes, vesicles and particles are no longer obscure

The launch of the Centre for Applied Nanomedicine at the RI-MUHC opens an ecosystem of possibilities to the research community

RI-MUHC technology platforms form new partnerships to accelerate research and drug discovery

Partnerships between NMX Research and Solutions, the RI-MUHC...

CTB Technology Platforms Seminar

Biological ‘Nanosphere’ – Biomedical Implications in Cancer and Beyond

CTB Technology Platforms Seminar

Discovering drug leads and chemical biology tools by practical NMR strategies

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