What's New at the RI-MUHC ?

Immunotherapy showing significant advancements in lung cancer treatment

Phase 3 clinical trial of neoadjuvant nivolumab leads to practice-changing results

Benefits of fluvoxamine confirmed in new study

Preventing hospitalization following COVID-19 infection in vulnerable populations

The unexpected role of chloride channels in a rare neurological disorder

A new study finds mutations affecting the chloride channel of a glutamate transport protein in a rare disorder...

Where immune cells are located is critical for cancer immune therapy, a new study shows

An innovative new approach highlights the relevance of immune cells’ position within melanoma to inform on a...

RI-MUHC team receives Discovery of the Year Award from Québec Science magazine

Jean-Jacques Lebrun’s team at the RI-MUHC has won the 2021 Québec Science Discovery of the Year Award...

LSD, a future antianxiety pill?

A new study by Dr. Gabriella Gobbi reveals the neurobiological mechanisms by which LSD could relieve anxiety

The sky is not the limit

Researchers look to team of astronauts to help answer important questions about chronic pain and sleep

BCG vaccine provides protection against influenza virus but not SARS-CoV-2

A new study led by RI-MUHC researchers reveals that the 100-year-old tuberculosis vaccine known as..

What’s the signature of a healthy heart?

Instead of treating the “average person,” the Courtois Cardiovascular Signature Program aims to treat every person as a unique individual

COVID-19: A close look at vaccine strategies used with older people in Quebec

A new study determines the maximum recommended interval between the first and second doses of mRNA...

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