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High-fat diet fuels prostate cancer progression by mimicking key cancer alteration

David Labbé, PhD
David Labbé, PhD

New study suggests that dietary intervention to reduce fat consumption could improve prostate cancer outcome.

David Labbé (PhD) is study co-lead (Nature Communications).

His team demonstrated that saturated fat intake induces a cellular reprogramming that drives prostate cancer progression and lethality.

Estrogen induces liver metastasis immune tolerance in females

Pnina Brodt, PhD (centre), and team
Pnina Brodt, PhD (centre), and team

Reported in Nature Communications by Pnina Brodt (PhD) and team, this study may explain why female sex and liver metastases predict a poorer response to immunotherapy.

Study provides a rationale to explore the potential of anti-estrogens as treatment for hormone-independent cancers that metastasize to the liver.


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