null YEAR IN REVIEW: Cardiovascular Health Across the Lifespan Program (CHAL)


Radiation therapy to treat broken hearts

Radiation therapy to treat broken hearts

MUHC cardiologists and radiation oncologists can treat patients with severe arrhythmias using precise radiotherapy, targeting abnormal parts of the heart.

Dr. Martin Bernier leads study gathering data on this innovative technique.

New targets for treatment of valve disease

Identification of new genes (FADS1/2) involved in aortic stenosis will lead to new treatments and provide options to surgery.

Jamie Engert (PhD) and Dr. George Thanassoulis lead this study (JAMA Cardiology).

Advancing heart imaging research with Canada’s most sophisticated MRI

New cardiac magnetic resonance imaging equipment allows us to develop methods that make cardiovascular diagnostic workups faster, safer and more accurate.

Dr. Matthias Friedrich leads Cardiovascular Imaging Core at the MUHC.

Glen site delivery, Sept. 2019
Glen site delivery, Sept. 2019


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