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The CLIP: Developing health technology products that meet patient needs
The CLIP: Developing health technology products that meet patient needs

All eyes on the Clinical Innovation Platform!

Ideally located at the Montreal General Hospital of the MUHC, the Clinical Innovation Platform (CLIP) opens its doors to health tech startups in fall 2020.

Collaborative workspaces, modern labs and training will help propel start-ups and commercialize their innovations.

Generating buzz in the medtech industry, the CLIP provides access to mentorship from industry experts, pre-clinical/clinical trial services, rapid prototyping and more.

Better guidelines for patients with gastrointestinal bleeding

Dr. Alan Barkun
Dr. Alan Barkun

Dr. Alan Barkun, with Dr. Marc Bardou (Dijon-Bourgogne University Hospital, France), led a group of international experts to develop new guidelines published in Annals of Internal Medicine.

Better management of patients with nonvariceal upper gastrointestinal bleeding could reduce pressures in the ER.


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