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Injury Repair Recovery Program

Program Overview

 Injury Repair Recovery Program (IRR)

The vision of the Injury Repair Recovery Program (IRR) is to provide leadership in research and development, resulting in breakthroughs in the management of personal injury and reduction of its socioeconomic burden.

Injury can occur from accidental trauma or be the result of surgical treatment itself. Together, the consequences of trauma and surgical injury impose an enormous financial and social burden. Traumatic injury alone costs the Canadian taxpayer about $20 billion annually – including costs related to reduced productivity, disability and premature death. A largely unrecognized injury burden is also caused by planned patient procedures every day. Millions of patient procedures performed per year have not been optimized to produce the best outcomes.

Through the IRR Program, researchers with fundamental, clinical and epidemiological approaches are collaborating to tackle these critical issues and pool their strengths in domains ranging from clinical studies and basic healing process improvement to big data and social policy modification. Our mission is to develop innovative procedures, products, policies and technologies that can resolve major global health challenges.

Program leader: Ed Harvey, MDCM, M.Sc.
Associate leader: Jake Barralet, PhD
Manager: James Mehta, Eng., MBA