null YEAR IN REVIEW: Metabolic Disorders and Complications Program (MeDiC)


New criteria for diagnosing sarcopenia

Stéphanie Chevalier (RD, PhD) and doctoral student Anne-Julie Tessier, with Dr. Simon Wing, Elham Rahme (PhD) and Dr. José Morais, developed a tool that provides health professionals with a standard to diagnose sarcopenia and implement prevention strategies to delay its effects.

Stéphanie Chevalier, RD, PhD, and Anne-Julie Tessier
Stéphanie Chevalier, RD, PhD, and Anne-Julie Tessier

Mitigation of the risk of kidney transplant loss

Dr. Ruth Sapir-Pichhadze and colleagues including Dr. Bethany Foster, Child Health and Human Development Program, demonstrated that donorrecipient matching for specific features of HLA genes would be a useful strategy to decrease kidney transplant failures.

Overcoming resistance in malignant brain tumours

Bertrand Jean-Claude (PhD) and colleagues, including study lead Siham Sabri (PhD) of the Cancer Research Program, demonstrated the anti-tumour activity of a combi-molecule to overcome resistance of glioblastoma stem cells to DNA-damaging chemotherapy.


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