null Mohamed Nazhat Al Yafi, MD, and Noémie Joannette-Lafrance

Mohamed Nazhat Al Yafi, MD
Supervisor: Dr. Jake Barralet

Noémie Joannette-Lafrance
Supervisor: Dr. Mitchell Bernstein

Master’s students in experimental surgery
Project mentor: Dr. Mirko Gilardino
Injury Repair Recovery Program (IRR)

Congratulations to Dr. Mohamed Nazhat Al Yafi and Noémie Joannette-Lafrance, whose interuniversity team placed first of six in the 2018 final presentations of the McGill-led Surgical Innovation Program! With teammates Clarisse Bascans and Aude Castonguay-Henri from École de technologie supérieure (ETS), they pitched the best business case for a new product addressing a clinical need. Mentored by plastic surgeon Dr. Mirko Gilardino (IRR Program), the team developed a product concept called FlapStat. This non-invasive probe assesses blood perfusion of flaps during breast reconstructions, reducing necrosis and other complications.

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