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Two events mark the opening of the RI-MUHC at the Glen

The last few weeks have been busy for researchers, students and staff at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC)! They inaugurated their new facilities at the Glen and began the process of moving laboratories and administrative offices to the Centre for Translational Biology (CTB).

Hundreds of health professionals, members of the research community, industry partners and media representatives discovered the Glen site's ultra-modern facilities at the official inauguration on February 2nd. It was also an opportunity for future generations of scientists from secondary schools and CEGEPs in the Montreal region to see the site and present their work to researchers at the RI-MUHC. 

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Several days after their arrival, members of the RI community gathered in the atrium at the Glen for a friendly breakfast. They celebrated taking possession of their laboratories and offices in the CTB.

Updates from the Transition 

Access card

If you have a problem with your access card please contact the RI Technical Services Department at ext. 76000 or at Please note that RI Technical Services Department is looking into correcting the current issues with the cards. 

Since security and access protocols are programmed and updated daily, early activators and employees working at the Glen site must recharge their access card every day using Hot Spot stations. Although the card will remain active when the employee is off for the weekend, on holidays or not at work, it will not have the latest programming and the employee risks not having access to necessary areas. 

Hot Spots are located throughout the Glen site, including the main security desk in the Promenade as well as the passageway connecting Block E to the employee parking.

Glen site cafeteria is now open

Until Friday, April 24 the cafeteria will offer employees a special ‘pre-opening' menu from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., Monday to Friday.

The cafeteria is centrally located on the S1 level and is immediately accessible from the staff parking entrance. Please note that during the activation period, food and beverage consumption (excluding water) must take place in the cafeteria only or in the staff lounge on every mezzanine in Block E.

Temporary access to the Glen site via Vendôme 

Please note that staff members working at the Glen site or attending an orientation and training session are no longer be able to use the fenced gate on the south train platform at Vendôme intermodal station. The increasing number of employees using the tunnel under the rails to access this gate is impacting safety within the station. Hence, until the STM and AMT complete the mitigation measures at Vendôme and the connection to our tunnel at the Glen, users will access the site via Décarie Boulevard, a 5-minute walk.

New shuttle between MGH and Glen site 

As of Monday, March 2, a shuttle will run between the MGH/RVH/MCH and the Glen site. The shuttle will run Monday to Friday, except on statutory holidays. 

Please find the new schedule here.


Internal and external mail will be delivered every 2 days to predetermined locations across the site. Please visit the RI portal here to consult the list of locations. 


The RI-MUHC at the MGH: a safe, healthy and pleasant place to work

If you're looking for Walid Al Challe, you may have a hard time finding him at his office over the next few months. As Associate Director of Technical and Biomedical Services at the Research Institute of the MUHC (RI-MUHC), Al Challe spends most of his time these days at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH), supervising renovations of the RI-MUHC's offices and labs. His team will also determine the future location of some 9,500 pieces of equipment spread across the RI-MUHC's different sites. 

"The MUHC's researchers are our clients, and we work for them," said Al Challe. "We want to give them a safe, healthy and pleasant place to work at both the Glen site* and the MGH."

Major repairs will be made to C9, C10, L3, L11, L13, RS1 and RS2 at the MGH, including:

- electromechanical work
- repairs to the ceilings and floors
- repainting 
- installation of new lighting that imitates natural light
- replacement of gas outlets and emergency showers

Al Challe and architect Danielle Karam, supervisor of Infrastructure at the MGH, did everything they could to ensure renovations on all floors started in March will finish by the start of May. During this period, all rooms will have to be vacated. 

"We want to finish the job as soon as possible," said Al Challe. "We know how important it is for researchers to get back to their work." 


What will happen to the RI-MUHC's research equipment?

Between March and May 2015, Al Challe and his team of biomedical engineers will visit all RI-MUHC locations to create an inventory of all 9,500 pieces of the institute's current equipment and assess each piece to determine its destination. 

  • Approximately 6,000 pieces will be transferred to the Glen site and 3,500 pieces will remain on existing sites. 
  • The remaining functional equipment will be decontaminated and sold or will go to the RI-MUHC's research laboratories at the MGH to replace less powerful or aging equipment.
  • Any unusable equipment will be cleaned, decontaminated and recycled.  

To decide what goes where, the engineers will consider the available space and the equipment's impact on the electrical and ventilation systems of the RI-MUHC's facilities. "Of course, we'll do whatever we can to meet researchers' needs," said Al Challe, who is available to personally receive transfer requests or answer any questions about equipment decontamination. 


The RI-MUHC has set up a call centre to take any requests related to equipment and infrastructure maintenance at the MGH and the Glen:
Extension: 76000


For emergencies, contact Technical Services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 514-406-2046 or 514-406-2398 

* Opening in the spring of 2015, the Glen site will be home to the Royal Victoria Hospital, the Montreal Children's Hospital, the Montreal Chest Institute, the Research Institute of the MUHC and the new Cedars Cancer Centre. This new establishment will join the Montreal General Hospital, the Lachine Hospital and the Montreal Neurological Hospital in serving members of the community



--Newsletter Winter 2015