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angle-left Jean-Jacques Lebrun, MSc, PhD

Senior Scientist, RI-MUHC, Glen site

Cancer Research Program

Associate Dean, Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies



TGF&beta • Smad signaling • tumor suppression • breast cancer metastasis • melanoma research • cell growth arrest • apoptosis • cell immortalization • cell migration • cell invasion

Research Focus

My research focuses on investigating the role and mechanism of action of the transforming growth factor-&beta (TGF&beta) in the regulation of tumor formation and cancer progression, with a long term goal of developing novel therapies against metastatic cancer. The various research projects that I developed in my laboratory are based on the dual role of this growth factor in cancer. On one hand TGFB exerts tumor suppressive effects in normal cells and in early carcinomas whereas in advanced cancer TGF&beta has pro-migratory and pro-invasive functions. With this information, we have developed two lines of research. The first is defining the tumor suppressive role of TGF&beta and how this growth factor inhibits cell proliferation, induces apoptosis, and prevents cell immortalization in normal cells and early carcinomas. The second is defining the pro-metastatic effect of this cytokine in invasive cancers, focusing on breast cancer, with the goal of designing novel anti-TGF&beta signaling therapies against cancer.

Selected Publications

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  • Dai M, AlOdaini A, Arakelian A, Rabbani S, Ali S, Lebrun JJ (2012) A novel function for p21 as a critical regulator of TGF&beta mediated breast cancer metastasis. Breast Cancer Res, 2012 Sep 20;14(5):R127.

  • Korah J, Falah N, Lacerte A, Lebrun JJ (2012). A transcriptionally active pRb-E2F1-P/CAF signaling pathway is central to TGF&beta-mediated apoptosis, Cell Death and Disease, Nature Publishing Group, Vol 3. Pp 407

  • Humbert L and Lebrun JJ (2013) TGF-beta inhibits human cutaneous melanoma cell migration and invasion through regulation of the plasminogen activator system Cell Signaling, Vol 25(2), 490-500

  • Fils-Aime N, Dai M, Guo J, Kahramangil B, Neel JC, Lebrun JJ. (2013). Micro-RNA-584 and PHACTR1: New Signaling Route Through Which Transforming Growth Factor-Beta Mediates the Migration and Actin Dynamics of Breast Cancer Cells. J Biol Chem 2013 Mar 11.

  • Neel JC, Lebrun JJ. (2013). Activin and TGF&beta regulate expression of the microRNA-181 family to promote cell migration and invasion in breast cancer cells. Cell Signaling, 2013 Mar 22;25(7):1556-1566