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angle-left Michael Sullivan, PhD

Associate Investigator, RI-MUHC,

Injury Repair Recovery Program



Research Focus

My research focuses on the psychological determinants of pain experience, pain expression and pain-related disability. At the basic process level, my research addresses the nature of behavioural systems involved in the communication of pain. At the clinical level, I have conducted several longitudinal cohort studies examining psychological predictors of problematic medical outcomes. At the applied level, I have been involved in clinical trials to examine the effectiveness of interventions that target psychosocial risk factors for prolonged pain and disability.

Selected Publications

  • Sullivan, M.J.L., Hyman, M.H. (2014). Return to work as a treatment objective for patients with chronic pain? Journal of Pain & Relief, 3: 1-3.

  • Sullivan, M.J. L., Adams, H., Ellis, T. (2013). A psychosocial risk-targeted intervention to reduce work disability: Development, evolution and implementation challenges. Psychological Injury and Law, 6: 250-257.

  • Sullivan, M.J.L., Simon, G. (2012). A telephonic intervention for promoting occupational re-integration in work-disabled individuals with musculoskeletal pain. Translational Behavioral Medicine, 2: 149 – 158.

  • Sullivan, M.J.L., Adams, H., Ellis, T. (2012). Targeting catastrophic thinking to promote return to work in individuals with fibromyalgia. Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy, 2: 130 – 142.

  • Sullivan, MJL., Tanzer, M., Reardon, G., Amirault, D., Dunbar, M., Stanish, WD. (2011). The role of pre-surgical expectancies in predicting pain and function one year following total knee arthroplasty. Pain, 152: 2287 - 2293.