A key to unlocking the mystery of triple negative breast cancer

A study conducted at the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) suggests screening breast cancer patients for the prolactin receptor...

RI-MUHC researchers discover new path to stop the spread of cancer

Investigators from the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), and the Institute of Cancer Research, London (UK), have discovered...

Public lecture: Neuroscience Convergence talk, “The Black Box” (November 25, 2016)

The Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience (BRaIN) Program of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC) is proud to support “Convergence, Perceptions of Neuroscience.”

The “Convergence” initiative takes flight: RI-MUHC trainees and Concordia University fine arts students explore new ways to explain brain research

Is it art, or is it science? It’s “Convergence: Perceptions of Neuroscience,” a project that promises unique rewards to those who dare to cross the great divide...

Workshop: Advanced High Content Imaging and High Content Screening (HCI/HCS) (November 14, 2016)

This presentation entitled: ‘’Advanced High Content Imaging and High Content Screening (HCI/HCS)'' is organized by...

Launch of the Discovery Club

On October 14, 2016, physicians, researchers, donors, and high school students joined the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) Foundation as it launched its newest...

Café Scientifique : When pain becomes chronic (November 8, 2016)

Meet and exchange with our experts to better understand and demystify pain

Cancer Research Program Seminar (November 22, 2016)

“ShcA-coupled Tyrosine Kinase Signalling Integrates Immune Suppression and Metabolic Reprogramming to Promote Cancer Progression”
Guest Speaker: Dr. Josie Ursini-Siegel

Pediatric Research Seminar (October 31, 2016)

Under Construction: Developmental Mechanisms and the Modification of Mature Brain Function
Invited Speaker: TIMOTHY E. KENNEDY, PHD


Science Exposed People choice Award from Acfas_NSERC...

Convergence, Perceptions of Neuroscience (November 25, 2016)

For the next eight months, teams of Concordia University fine arts students and trainees from the BRaIN Program will collaborate to create works of art inspired by neuroscience research projects...

Pediatric Research Seminar (October 24, 2016)

Antibiotic use in pediatric intensive care units: the quest for balance
Invited Speaker: Patricia Fontela, MD, PHD

Cancer Research Program Seminar (November 8, 2016)

“Oncogenic RAS GTPases and their Downstream Effector Landscape”
Guest Speaker: Dr Matthew J. Smith, PhD

Brain’s biological clock stimulates thirst before sleep

The brain’s biological clock stimulates thirst in the hours before sleep, according to a study published in the journal...

Join us at the launch of the Discovery Club! (October 14, 2016)

The Discovery Club puts you at the forefront of helping our researchers create the most effective and personalized treatments that will improve...

Convergence, Perceptions of Neuroscience (October 12, 2016)

On October 12th, about twenty neuroscientists from the BRaIN Program will present their research projects to nearly fifty...

Message from the Interim Executive Director, RI-MUHC

I can honestly say that we have a lot to be proud of, and it’s hard to imagine a better time to move forward with our priorities. We have a truly unique centre, one that visitors...

“Best of CORE” Research Day (December 8, 2016)

The Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) of the RI-MUHC will hold its inaugural “Best of CORE” Research Day on Thursday, December 8, 2016...

Pediatric Research Seminar (October 17, 2016)

Invited Speaker: AMANDA MACFARLANE, PHD, Research Scientist, Section Head, Micronutrient Research, Nutrition Research Division, Health Canada