null YEAR IN REVIEW: Brain Repair and Integrative Neuroscience Program (BRaIN)


Managing concussions with just a few clicks

With an industry partner, Elaine De Guise (PhD) developed a free mobile app to fill the information gap on mild traumatic brain injury for emergency care professionals. Topics range from diagnosis to resumption of daily activities.

How epilepsy arises in the healthy brain

A study in rodents used laser light to target populations of brain cells and investigate their contributions to seizures.

First author: Elvis Cela (PhD), then a doctoral student; senior author: Per Jesper Sjöström (PhD), Scientific Reports.

Elaine de Guise, PhD, and Elvis Cela, PhD
Elaine de Guise, PhD, and Elvis Cela, PhD

Research associate honoured by Society for Neuroscience (SfN) and Canadian Association for Neuroscience (CAN)

Cristian Zaelzer-Perez, PhD
Cristian Zaelzer-Perez, PhD

Cristian Zaelzer-Perez (PhD) is co-recipient of the 2019 Science Education Award (SfN) and 2020 CAN Neuroscience Outreach & Advocacy Award.

He founded the Convergence: Perceptions of Neuroscience Initiative to engage the public on the crossover between neuroscience and art.


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