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Harnessing the power of innate immunity

Stem cells are the marrow of the tuberculosis (TB) pandemic. A study led by Maziar Divangahi, PhD, found that not only can stem cells be targeted for protective vaccination, but they can also be hijacked by a pathogen to increase TB virulence.

Understanding how to harness the power of innate immunity is a promising novel avenue, not only for TB, but for other infectious diseases like COVID-19. Cell.

Maziar Divangahi, PhD, principal investigator; Nargis Khan, PhD, postdoctoral fellow and first author of the study; Jeff Downey, PhD candidate and co-first author
Maziar Divangahi, PhD, principal investigator; Nargis Khan, PhD, postdoctoral fellow and first author of the study; Jeff Downey, PhD candidate and co-first author

Sleep apnea treatment reduces heart problems in patients with prediabetes, a new study finds

Dr. Sushmita Pamidi’s team found that continuous positive airway pressure treatment at night can lower daytime resting heart rate in patients with prediabetes who have obstructive sleep apnea, reducing their risk of cardiovascular disease. J Am Heart Assoc.

Dr. Sushmita Pamidi (left)
Dr. Sushmita Pamidi (left)

Triage test for pulmonary tuberculosis

Deep learning-based radiological image analysis met WHO-recommended minimal accuracy for pulmonary tuberculosis triage tests. This could facilitate use of chest X‑rays in resource-limited settings.

RESP Program researchers Faiz Ahmad Khan, MD, MPH (first author), Andrea Benedetti, PhD, and Dick Menzies, MD, were co-authors of the study. Lancet Digit Health.

Faiz Ahmad Khan, MD, MPH, Dick Menzies, MD, and Andrea Benedetti, PhD
Faiz Ahmad Khan, MD, MPH, Dick Menzies, MD, and Andrea Benedetti, PhD

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