null Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM) Update

On April 27, the RI-MUHC began welcoming clinical research activities at the new Centre for Innovative Medicine (CIM), its state-of-the-art facility located on the fourth floor of Blocks B and C at the Glen site.  In addition to offering clinical research services and dedicated technical platforms with specialized equipment to clinical investigators, the CIM will facilitate and manage all new oncology trials taking place at the MUHC.

Within the coming months, the CIM Director, Dr. Jean Bourbeau, and his team will be working with expert advisors to implement the imaging, cardiopulmonary and sleep laboratory platforms as well as a Phase I research unit,  experimental operating room (OR) and simulation suite. An extended review process is in place to assess the needs of investigators at the Montreal General Hospital (MGH) in order to plan and later this year, launch a CIM satellite site at the MGH, Dr. Bourbeau reports.

The CIM also provides such clinical research services as multicentre project management, on-site clinical trial management at the MUHC and clinical data management.


--Newsletter Summer 2015