Cellular Therapy Laboratory (CTL)The Cellular Therapy Laboratory (CTL) at the RI-MUHC was created to enhance research capabilities using...
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RI-MUHC scientist Dr. Cecilia Costiniuk is co-principal investigator in a new national study that hopes to answer critical questions around the...
Mobile application EczemaQ wins the Hakim Family Innovation Prize. Remote Optical and Nura Medical were...
Canadian Bioethics Society honours a researcher who promotes the human right of every citizen to benefit from science and its applications
Specialized cells called pericytes play a key role, reveals new work from researchers at the RI-MUHC
Next-generation gene sequencing may provide answers for some women dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss and prevent further miscarriages
A team of researchers at the RI-MUHC found two cellular pathways involved in TNBC tumour development...
New target for cystic fibrosis drug development: Ceramides
Bringing an innovative retinal gene therapy to clinic
Speakers: Dr. Jason M. Harley (Principal Investigator, Department of Surgery) and Dr. Elif Bilgic (Postdoctoral Fellow)
Success storiesThese are just a few examples of recent successes in business development at the RI-MUHC.Collaborating with industry to...
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Topic: Perspectives on a Life in Lipids
CLIP leadershipLiane Feldman, MDMedical Director, CLIPDr. Feldman is an investigator in the Surgical and Interventional Sciences...
RI-MUHC researcher Ciriaco Piccirillo takes a leading role in Canada’s new Coronavirus Variants Rapid Response Network
In virtual (zoom) and face-to-face format in Sherbrooke and in the 3 participating centers.
Congratulations to Dr. Julia Valdemarin Burnier!