Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Grief amidst the pandemic is an increasing reality in communities worldwide
New study suggests education and awareness are needed to help reduce risk of anaphylaxis at specific times of the year
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
The CHHD Research Day is organized to provide program members and guests the opportunity to learn about research in the program, and to...
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Topic: Canaries in the Coal Mine: using travelers to understand transmission and movement of infectious diseases
Dr. Madhukar Pai launches studies in India, Indonesia, Nigeria and Peru
Research InitiativesResearchers in the BRaIN program are involved in a multitude of research initiatives, including:Healthy Brains, Healthy...
Topic: Breaking down barriers - How to get your project started at CIM?
People with prediabetes and obstructive sleep apnea could reduce their daytime resting heart rate and risk of cardiovascular disease by using a CPAP machine at night
Topic: G protein regulation of bone development and response to stimuli
Topic: Promise and pitfalls of type 2 diabetes genetic prediction across populations
Infrastructure to study COVID-19 in a secure environment is creating new possibilities for collaboration and discovery
Topic: Work in Progress
Join us for a full day of live oral and poster presentations!
Topic: Effects of spaceflight on musculoskeletal health - can we get to Mars?
Explore news and events at the RI-MUHC
Speaker: Dr. Gabriel Altit
Speaker: Dr. Annita Achilleos
Topic: Improving prognosis and prediction research: PROGRESS in sample size calculations and estimation of treatment effect modifiers
Award-winning paper illustrates how proposed criteria for defining “human” can be confounded by emerging bioscience technologies
Speaker: Dr. Tomer Avidor-Reiss