The Living Laboratory Seroprevalence StudyWho: Full or part time workers at the Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre...
Speakers: Isabella Lasenza, PhD Student and Zoe Atsaidis, Msc Student
Speaker: Dr. Amander Clark (UCLA)
What’s next? “Gather the resources to bring the Haply device to millions around the world,” says Reza Farivar
Finding could lead to potential therapies
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Phase 2 study tests LAU-7b, a Canadian drug with dual antiviral and inflammation-controlling effects
ARD platform members take centre stage at the 2020 Quebec Veterinary Congress
Topic: One clock is not enough; a role for a second timer in circadian rhythms disorder
Topic: Claudins and the Kidney Epithelial Barrier During Development and in Disease
Speakers: Dana Sedki PhD Candidate and Hossein Hassanzadeh Post-Doc Fellow
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Speakers: Maria Giannoumis, Md Student and Fabio Botelho, Msc Student
Speaker: Dr. Jennifer Fish (UMASS Lowell)
Speaker: Dr. Marc Beltempo (McGill)
Speakers: Brian Krug, PhD Student and Elly Htite, Msc Student
App developed by Dr. Abhinav Sharma selected for Healthy Futures Accelerator
Mentorship applies to the whole team, whole person