Improving the therapeutic ratio through alternative fractionation
Speaker: David Brenner, PhD, DSc
“Tips for research” will help purchase cutting-edge equipment for the new Surgical Innovation Platform
Sonic Hedgehog signaling in brain tumor initiation and progression
Speaker: Frederic Charron, PhD
The importance of clinical trials in oncology
Speaker: Luis Souhami, MD, FASTRO
Theresa Gyorkos has dedicated her career to understanding and reducing the harms caused by parasitic worm infection
The RI-MUHC in numbers: 2022-2023 
Researchers – RI-MUHC
Analysis and modeling of single-cell genomics data to drive biomedical discovery and innovation
Speaker: Dr. Jun Ding
Co-organized by the Business Development Office of the RI-MUHC and Roche
An RI-MUHC research team is working to extend lives of patients with an incurable cancer
The Department of Family Medicine invite you to a short film screening on January 23rd, 6-8pm at the McIntyre.
The MUHC and RI-MUHC welcome an addition to their world-class clinical and research teams
Dr. Sabrina Hoa’s publication listed in “Top 10 Research Advances of 2019”
The road towards fully automated closed loop therapy in type 1 diabetes, the McGill artificial pancreas program (MAP)
Presenter: Laurent Legault, MD
The Future of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals: From Regrettable Substitution to Responsible Replacement?
Invited Speaker: BARBARA F. HALES, PhD
Next-Generation Sequencing Approaches for the Diagnosis of Muscle Diseases
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Stress, Astrocytes, and Brain Bioergetics
Speaker: Dr. Ciaran Murphy-Royal, PhD
Sarcopenia : New Directions for an old Problem
Speaker: Dr. Peggy Cawthon, PhD MPH
It is with great sadness that we inform you of the sudden passing of Dr. Ernest Seidman
Following an international search and approval by the Board of Directors of both the RI-MUHC and MUHC, we are excited to confirm that Dr. Constantine Stratakis has accepted to assume two pivotal...