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angle-left Anne Gonzalez, MD, MSc

Scientist, RI-MUHC , 5252 de Maisonneuve

Translational Research in Respiratory Diseases Program

Centre for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University

Department of Medicine, Division of Respiratory Medicine, MUHC



Lung cancer • diagnosis and staging • interventional pulmonary procedures

Research Focus

My research focuses on improving lung cancer outcomes through efficient and accurate diagnosis and staging, and judicious use of novel interventional pulmonary techniques.

Selected Publications

  • Stather DR, Chee A, MacEachern P, Dumoulin E, Hergott CA, Gelbert J, Folch E, Majid A, Gonzalez AV, Tremblay A. Endobronchial ultrasound learning curve in interventional pulmonary fellows. Respirology 2015; 20(2): 333-339.

  • Ofiara LM, Navasakulpong A, Beaudoin S, Gonzalez AV. Optimizing tissue sampling for the diagnosis, subtyping, and molecular analysis of lung cancer. Front Oncol 2014; 4: 253.

  • Silvestri G, Gonzalez AV, Jantz M et al. Methods for the staging of NSCLC: ACCP Diagnosis and Management of Lung Cancer, 3rd ed: American College of Chest Physicians Evidence-Based Clinical Practice Guidelines. Chest 2013; 143 (5 Suppl): e211S-50S.

  • Gonzalez AV, Suissa S, Ernst P. Gender differences in survival following COPD hospitalisation. Thorax 2011 Jan;66(1):38-42.

  • Gonzalez AV, Bezwada V, Beamis JF and Villanueva AG. Acute lung injury following thoracoscopic talc insufflation. Chest 2010; 137 (6): 1375-1381.