null Focus on McGill Nursing Faculty: Christine Maheu shares her passion for cancer survivorship care and research

Christine Maheu, PhD, is a member of the Cancer Research Program at the Research Institute of the MUHCFebruary 13, 2019

Source: Med E-News. A faculty member of the Ingram School of Nursing (ISoN) at McGill University since 2012, Christine Maheu, PhD, shares her passion for cancer survivorship care, and much more. Christine Maheu is an associate professor and a Fonds de Recherche Santé (FRQS) Chercheur Boursier Junior 2. She holds affiliate scientist positions with the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI-MUHC), the University Health Network (UHN) Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and with the University of Toronto. 

“My research is focused on programs to help cancer survivors cope with uncertainty and fear of recurrence along with support in the return to work process following cancer. My interest in this field began during my PhD, when I developed a supportive therapy to help women at high risk of inherited breast or ovarian cancer cope with their feelings of uncertainty about their future cancer risk.”


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