null McGill Training Opportunity - Mass Spectrometry Workshop (June 15-23, 2016)

The Department of Biochemistry, McGill University, presents the 3rd Annual Training Workshop in Protein Chemistry and Mass Spectrometry.

The workshop will provide practical training in a small group environment.

Training will include:
Native 2D electrophoresis of protein complexes, Multi-angle Light Scattering, Protein in-gel digestion, Protein in-solution digestion, Phosphopeptide enrichment and analysis, Deep Proteomics, Intact protein mass determination.

Mass spectrometry and LC-MS training:
Ion trap (LC-MSMS), Orbitrap (Direct infusion MS, intact protein and high complexity analysis), Data analysis (Database search and data validation).

Where: McGill University Department of Biochemistry.

When: June 15–23, 2016

Fee: $750

Organizers: Dr. Jason Young, Dr. Kurt Dejgaard

Guest Lecturer: Dr. Mohan Babu, University of Regina

Registration and inquiries:

Capacity is limited and registration will be first come, first served.

Dr. Dejgaard has extensive proteomics expertise, and the workshop is partly based on the lab section of the BIOC 605 course. The workshop content will be similar to last year's.

Dr. Babu is a leader in the use of mass spectrometry to determine protein-protein as well as genetic interaction networks.