null Histopathology

Services include the embedding and processing of tissues, sectioning (paraffin and frozen) as well as various histochemical stainings. The facility is housed at the Meakins-Christie Laboratories under the supervision of Drs. Qutayba Hamid and Carolyn Baglole.

For information on services, pricing and work orders, please direct requests to:
Fazila Chouiali, Core Facility Coordinator
Meakins-Christie Laboratories
(514) 398-3864 extension 09519
The platform offers, for a fee, a variety of flow cytometry services to the Research Institute community as well as researchers from other affiliated centres. Since the flow cytometry field is constantly changing, the platform provides users with access to the newest technologies and applications in the field. Common applications of flow cytometry are assessment of cell surface receptor expression (immunophenotyping), proliferation studies (CFSE), intracellular cytokine analysis, detection of fluorescent proteins like GFP, phospho protein analysis, cell cycle and apoptosis studies.

All Platform's services are offered on an hourly rate. The fee varies depending on the service and researchers affiliation. Access to the analysis computer is free but restrained to Platform's users. For more information on flow cytometry, our instruments or our services, please contact the Platform Coordinator at extension 44502 or visit us at the MGH room L11-124.
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