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We are proud to celebrate the scientific achievements of our researchers and trainees in publications, grant competitions, honors and awards, and appointments, as well as in the mainstream press.

Critical years ahead in fight against hepatitis C virus

In the last five years, new drugs have revolutionized the treatment of hepatitis C (HCV), a virus that causes serious liver disease.


Brain Star award 2016 (CIHR)...

Convergence, Perceptions of Neuroscience

We are in the process of matching neuroscientists from the BRaIN program with artists from the Concordia School of Fine Arts. BRaIN trainees are preparing...

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The BRaIN program now has a Facebook page and a Twitter account...

MUHC expert Dr. Mark Ware appointed vice-chair of federal task force on legalization of cannabis

World-renowned pain specialist and medical cannabis researcher Dr. Mark Ware, director of clinical research at the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of the McGill University...

Mechanism That Reduces Effect of Cocaine on Brain Discovered

A type of brain cell known as microglia plays a key role in reducing the effects of cocaine in the brain, according to a major study by a team from the Research Institute...

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