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Virtamed ArthroS

Orthopedic surgery requires an intensive didactic program, especially for the very specific skills needed to master arthroscopic surgery. On VirtaMed ArthroS™, trainees use original medical devices, which facilitates a transfer of skills to the OR. Training cases include diagnostic and therapeutic arthroscopy in knee and shoulder, as well as hip, ankle, and basic skills training on the ABOS-mandated FAST module.

The ArthroS™ knee and shoulder models come with magnetic tracking that provides realistic tactile sensation. For the shoulder model, lateral decubitus and beach chair positions are also supported.

For an optimal learning experience, the trainee uses original OR instruments and tools such as an original arthroscope, palpation hook, grasper, cutting punch, or shaver. The instruments are equipped with sensors and allow for fluid handling and camera technique. Trainees are also familiarized with the concept of 0, 30 and 70-degree optics.

ArthroS™ FAST model is based on the Sawbones FAST workstation, which was developed under the guidance of AANA and an ABOS task force. Surgeons can now practice the basic skills needed before they actually go on and perform complex knee or shoulder arthroscopies.

The basic motor skill training tasks on the FAST workstation guide the trainee through the first steps of arthroscopy. Trainees learn which portal to choose and how to perform a correct access. Basic camera navigation tasks include steadiness and image centering, horizon control, periscoping and telescoping. They also learn to use different camera optics and the use of both hands for camera handling, thus allowing for the training of the dominant and non-dominant hand. Trainees get to know how to detect and center an object, probe and measure static objects, and develop triangulation skills.

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