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angle-left Annette Majnemer, OT, M.Sc., PhD

Senior Scientist, RI-MUHC,

Child Health and Human Development Program

Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, Division of Neurology, Faculty of Medicine, McGill University



childhood disability • outcomes • determinants • rehabilitation • knowledge translation

Research Focus

My research focuses on the child, family and environmental factors that influence activity limitations and participation restrictions in children and youth with developmental disabilities. Primary populations of interest include children born at high risk for disability (preterm survivors, congenital heart defects) and children with cerebral palsy. Recently, I am examining knowledge translation and exchange strategies that promote best practices with respect to early identification of disability and the uptake of effective rehabilitation interventions.

Selected Publications

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  • Dahan-Oliel N*, Mazer B, Maltais D, Riley P, Nadeau L, Majnemer A. Child and environmental factors associated with leisure participation in adolescents born extremely preterm. Early Human Development, 90: 665-672, (2014). PMID: 25194835.

  • Wright FV, Majnemer A. The concept of a toolbox of outcome measures for children with cerebral palsy: Why, what, and how to use? Journal of Child Neurology, 29(8):1055-1065 (2014). PMID: 24820336.

  • Majnemer A, Shikako-Thomas K*, Lach L, Shevell M, Law M, Schmitz N, Poulin C, and the QUALA group. Rehabilitation service utilization in children and youth with cerebral palsy. Child: Care, Health and Development,40: 275-283, (2014). PMID: 23363242.

  • Shikako-Thomas K*, Shevell M, Lach L, Law M, Schmitz N, Poulin C, Majnemer A and the QUALA group. Picture me playing – A portrait of participation and enjoyment of leisure activities in adolescents with cerebral palsy. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 34: 1001-1010, (2013). PMID: 23291518.

  • Majnemer A (editor), Measures for children with developmental disabilities: An ICF-CY approach, MacKeith Press, (2012).