null CAE-Stryker integrated audiovisual system

CAE-Stryker integrated audiovisual system
The Research Institute at the McGill University Health Centre in Montreal is the site of a unique collaboration between Stryker and CAE Healthcare. By integrating CAE’s LearningSpace center management system with the iSuite room control routing system, users can now practice surgical scenarios with a variety of CAE simulators in the Simulation Room and have the video streams displayed in real-time in the Operating Room. A two-way audio/video channel allows users, to communicate with one another and provide on-the-spot feedback and direction. Cameras capture cases in the Operating Room and record them for future analysis through Stryker’s iSuite media asset management product. This platform allows users to create custom presentations from both captured surgical footage and from simulator video streams, to edit and annotate for personalized teaching materials, and to share cases with other physicians for consultative and learning opportunities. CAE’s LearningSpace provides residents the ability to simulate surgical procedures in a highly-collaborative, fully-integrated clinical environment; becoming a requirement in any comprehensive medical education program.
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