Research Services

Research Services supports researchers and research excellence across the entire lifespan of a grant – from conception to completion. Together with the Research Agreements Office and Business Development Office, Research Services acts as a liaison between RI-MUHC researchers and sponsors. It also provides training in the management of all sponsored research and specific purpose funds.

The Research Services division has multiple teams:

Pre-Awards Office

The Pre-Awards Office works closely with research programs, program managers, and the entire RI-MUHC community to support RI-MUHC researchers in their pursuit of external funding from proposal development through to the submission and award set-up.

Activities include:

  • Identifying research funding opportunities and harmonizing the grant application process
  • Establishing collaborations with internal and external research partners
  • Assisting with the budget preparation and application submission processes
  • Providing scientific editing and writing services upon request
  • Preparing institutional letters of support
  • Coordinating online grant submissions


Research Grants Office

The Research Grants Office offers a full range of post-award services to the Research Institute community. It serves as a liaison between researchers, administrators, sponsors, and funding agencies.

Activities include:

  • Opening new grant accounts
  • Monitoring institutional compliance with terms and conditions of grants or contracts
  • Invoicing and financial reporting
  • Closing out awards and contracts
  • Managing Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) awards for RI-MUHC researchers
  • Managing finances of CIM research study accounts
  • Reviewing and processing transfer of funds agreements


The Research Grants Office also assists researchers with the Canada Research Continuity Emergency Fund (CRCEF), part of the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan, offering wage support for research personnel paid from non-governmental sources. For more information, please visit the RI-MUHC CRCEF information page or contact Susan James, Director, Research Services, at (Address: 500-2155 Guy St., Montreal, QC H3H 2R9, Fax: 514 934-8270.)

Navigating the research funding process at the RI-MUHC

Institutional Performance Office

The Institutional Performance Office manages, compiles, analyzes, and transmits data pertaining to RI-MUHC researchers. Our team maintains data pertaining to funding, space allocation, publications, scientific impact, student supervision, collaborations, and more! The quality, integrity, and timeliness of our data provides senior management with the information necessary to guide strategic decision making at the RI-MUHC.

Activities include:

  • Coordinating applications for FRQ-S institutional grants
  • Calculating the RI-MUHC portion of Federal Research Support Fund grants
  • Maintaining researcher profile information and coordinating researcher appointment updates
  • Administering the RI-MUHC studentship competition
  • Assisting RI-MUHC divisions in visualizing administrative data
  • Planning and coordinating productivity data exchanges between McGill University, other McGill-affiliated research institutes, and divisions within the RI-MUHC

More Information

Research Services publicizes funding opportunities, resources, and much more on the RI-MUHC Portal (intranet), accessible to RI-MUHC researchers, trainees, and staff. (Request access using the online Portal Access request form.)