Scientific Advisory Committee

The mandate of the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) is to offer expert advice and constructive critical input on the scientific strategy, research objectives and future directions of the Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre (RI‑MUHC), to provide guidance on scientific progress, and to help address specific research-related issues.

Marcel Behr, MD, M.Sc.
Pnina Brodt, PhD
Philippe Gros, PhD
Indra Gupta, MD
Nada Jabado, MD, PhD
Stéphane Laporte, PhD
Richard Menzies, MD
Keith Murai, PhD
Morag Park, PhD
Basil Petrof, MD
Louise Pilote, MD, PhD
Guy Rouleau, MD, PhD
Erwin Schurr, PhD
Donald Sheppard, MD

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