Policies and Procedures, RI-MUHC

Access to the RI-MUHC Portal (intranet) is required to view our policy documents. RI-MUHC students, researchers and staff who do not have RI Portal access may request a login at portal.rimuhc.ca.

Policy Categories

Click the appropriate link to view all the policies and procedures within a given Policy Category. You will be redirected to the RI Portal. Login is required.

Policies and Procedures, A - Z

The following RI-MUHC policies, procedures and operational guidelines are available on the RI Portal (intranet). Login is required. Individual policies can be found by pasting the name of the policy in the search box of the RI Portal (choose the most recent result). For any policies not listed here, please contact the appropriate department in Administrative Services.

  • Acceptable Use of Informational Assets and the Internet
  • Account Opening Policy
  • Administrative Summer Student Program
  • Annual Leave - Staff Vacation
  • Appointment guide
  • Approval Authority Schedule
  • Clinical Research SOPs
  • Code of Conduct
  • Code of Ethics
  • Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention of Photos Taken by Staff
  • CTB Equipment Maintenance Policy
  • Dress Code
  • Drug and Alcohol in the Workplace and Research Space
  • Employee File (Management)
  • Employee Probationary Period
  • EVACUATION&FIRE PROCEDURES 2155 Guy_ December 2019.pdf
  • Gift & Alcohol Policy
  • Health and Safety SOPs
  • Healthy Eating and Beverage
  • Hiring an Employee or Adding a Research Trainee to RI Payroll
  • Inventions and Software
  • IST 130 Information Services Service Desk and Request for Service
  • IST 270 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Jury Duty
  • Leave of Absence Without Pay
  • Lockers (Glen)
  • Mail Services
  • Management of Access to Informational Assets
  • Manager/Supervisor Probation/Trial Period
  • Media relations and promotion related to activities at the McGill University Health Centre and Research Institute
  • Non-Management On-Call Policy
  • Over and Underpayment
  • Overtime
  • P-Card Policy
  • Performance Bonus Policy Program
  • Personnel Lockers
  • Photos and films taken in laboratories (Guidelines)
  • Position Abolition
  • Prevention of Psychological and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace and Research Space
  • Research Overhead Policy
  • RI IT Services: End User Support
  • RI-MUHC Multifunction Printer Usage
  • RI-MUHC Website Administration
  • Security of Informational Assets and Protection of Information
  • Smoke and Vape-Free Environment
  • Social Media
  • Space allocation guideline
  • Temporary Replacement Guidelines
  • Travel & Meals Expense Reimbursement Policy
  • Treatment of Inactive General Research Accounts
  • Treatment of Residual Research Funds
  • Use of General Research Funds Policy
  • Work Attendance