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Protein Identification and Comparison Software: Scaffold

INCLUDED in the price: You will receive your data in a searchable format using Scaffold, a software for comparing, visualizing and understanding proteomics data. Scaffold is ideal for comparing big...

Protein Quantification Software: Pinnacle

If you need more precise relative quantification of your proteins, we use a program called Pinnacle. Pinnacle mines your raw data and extracts high-resolution MS1 protein quantification values that...

Proteomics - lipidomics equipment


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Lipid Identification Software: LipidView

We measure lipid signals with an automated mass spectrometry method called “MSMSAll.” We then mine the data using a program called Lipidview, which can detect, measure and quantify many lipid...

Proteomics - targeted small molecule analysis equipment

Targeted Small Molecule Analysis

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Thermo Quantiva Triple Quadrupole LC-MS and SCIEX 5600TripleTOF LC-MS systems

Our targeted small molecule services are delivered using our Thermo Quantiva Triple Quadrupole LC-MS and/or our SCIEX 5600TripleTOF LC-MS systems. For the Thermo data, we use the Xcalibur®...