null Molecular Devices ImageXpress ultra confocal high-content analysis system

Detector: 4PMTs
Software: MetaExpress
Lasers: 405 nm, 488 nm, 561nm and 635 nm
6-384 well plate/cover slides
  • Plan-Flour 10x/0.45     
  • Plan- Flour 20x/0.45
  • Plan- Flour 40x /0.6 LWD 
  • Plan- Fluor 60x/0.7 LWD
  • Objectives are switchable between ImageXpress Ultra and ImageXpress Micro XLS 
Confocal imaging
Powerful data analysis
Compound and RNAi screening
Protein localization and trafficking
Antibody characterization
Organelle morphology analysis
Cell cycle studies
Cell adhesion & migration
Cell tracking
Heat-shock studies


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