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CRP Seminar Series Fall 2020

Topic: Virtual Research Day, Speaker: To be confirmed

Meakins-Christie and RESP Program Research Seminar

Topic: A colorful solution to 'breathing' through a biofilm: implications for P. aeruginosa biofilm treatment

IDIGH Program Seminar

Topic: Disrupted pulmonary immunity and HIV reservoirs: Potential implications for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

IDIGH Program Seminar

Topic: Tuberculosis: What have we learned from cows lately?

IDIGH Program Seminar

Work in Progress, Topic: Access to hepatitis C virus (HCV) prevention and treatment among HIV-HCV co-infected people who inject drugs in four Canadian provinces from 2003 to 2019.

MeDiC Program Seminar

Topic: Nutrient-sensing mechanisms that influence longevity

MeDiC Program Seminar

Topic: Intimate genetic interactions between C. elegans and E. coli mutants

CHHD Monday Noon Seminars Fall 2020

Speaker: Dr. Tomer Avidor-Reiss

IDIGH Program Seminar

Work in Progress, Topic: Mechanisms of early life RSV infection-mediated enhancement of Type 2 allergic lung inflammation

MeDiC Program Seminar

Work in Progress, Speakers: Claire Lawson BSc, MSc Candidate and Sonja Soo, PhD Graduate Student

CHHD Monday Noon Seminars Fall 2020

Speaker: Dr. Astrid Guttmann

MeDiC Program Seminar

Topic: A common Pax2 gene variant that reduces congenital nephro number in neonates and accelerates diabetic nephropathy in adults

RI-MUHC team identifies new gene associated with risk of cardiovascular diseases

New study analyses millions of genetic variants in almost 300,000 individuals

MUHC Second Annual Women’s Heart Health Symposium

Topic: Addressing Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Women: A One-Fits-All Approach?

New services for cancer patients at the RI-MUHC Centre for Innovative Medicine

The Centre for Innovative Medicine and Cedars Cancer Centre jointly offer additional space for infusion treatments

What do we know about sleep apnea, pregnancy and gestational diabetes?

RI-MUHC researchers find link that may lead to better health for mother and baby

Paving the way for COVID-19 research

RI-MUHC and McGill Containment level 3 Labs receive $1M in funding to accelerate research with live SARS Cov-2

Dr. Nada Jabado recognized by UBC

International leader in the field of childhood brain cancers receives the Dr. Chew Wei Memorial Prize