null Results of the 2017-2018 Respiratory Health Network competitions

Congratulations to Lisa Hennemann (M.Sc. student), Dr. Ilan Azuelos and Dr. Jean Bourbeau for receiving funding from the Respiratory Health Network of the FRQS! 

Lisa Hennemann (supervisor: Dr. Dao Nguyen) received a studentship supplement for her project entitled “The role of intracellular Pseudomonas aeruginosa in the development of persistent infections.” Dr. Azuelos was awarded one year of funding from the mentoring program for young researchers for his grant entitled “The role of mTOR on mitochondrial function, structure and dynamics during TGFß-induced fibroblast differentiation.” Dr. Bourbeau was awarded a team grant for his project entitled “From the clinic to the laboratory: mechanism of action of azithromycin on the prevention of COPD pulmonary exacerbations.” 

—January 2018