null The Application of AI to Clinical Research, Teaching, and Care with a Special Focus on ChatGPT

Date: Thursday March 23rd, 2023

Time: 12:30 to 13:30

Location: Zoom Live Stream

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Description: The application of advanced computational technology and artificial intelligence to clinical research, teaching, and care has been the subject of numerous exceptional efforts over the past half century. Regrettably, these efforts have not produced the advancements seen in other domains where they have been applied.

This seminar will identify roadblocks to advancement and explore in detail the role that Ontology can play in actionable solutions.


Barry Smith PhD, FACMI SUNY
Barry Smith PhD, FACMI SUNY

Barry Smith PhD, FACMI SUNY Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Julian Park Chair Department of Philosophy Director National Center for Ontological Research University of Buffalo with Areas of Specialization in Applied Ontology; Artificial Intelligence.

Dr Smith is a world leader in the discipline of ontology, which seeks to develop standards for terminology and classification designed to promote consistent collection and analysis of data deriving from heterogeneous sources. He has made influential contributions in the biomedical, space and systems science ontology fields.

He played a leading role in establishing the interoperability of the Gene Ontology (GO) and is editor of the new ISO ontology standard (ISO/IEC 21838). His latest book with Jobst Landgrebe “Why Machines Will Never Rule the World; Artificial Intelligence without Fear” Routledge 2023; Explores the limits of mathematical modeling and Turing Church computation in the achievement of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI).