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Understanding the health impact of inactivity for the benefit of older adults—and astronauts!

Directed by Dr. José A. Morais at the Centre for Innovative Medicine, a study was launched this year using bedrest as an analog to microgravity to provide data for eight Canadian research projects. Funding: CIHR.

Strategies to reduce breast cancer growth and related skeletal lesions

With international partners, Dr. Shafaat Rabbani’s team presented a novel approach to target both tumour growth and the skeletal lesions caused by breast cancer-induced bone disease. First author: doctoral student Niaz Mahmoud, Bone Research. Funding: CIHR.

Morais team (on left): Vita Sonjak, project manager, Guy Hajj-Boutros, research coordinator, and Dr. José Morais; Rabbani team (on right, fall 2019): lab supervisor Ani Arakelian, Dr. Shafaat Rabbani, and doctoral student Niaz Mahmood
Morais team (on left): Vita Sonjak, project manager, Guy Hajj-Boutros, research coordinator, and Dr. José Morais; Rabbani team (on right, fall 2019): lab supervisor Ani Arakelian, Dr. Shafaat Rabbani, and doctoral student Niaz Mahmood

Vaccine efficacy and hemodialysis

Dr. Rita Suri showed that most dialysis patients do not develop adequate antibodies with one dose of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine. Her study in CMAJ advised that patients receiving hemodialysis be prioritized for a second BNT162b2 [Pfizer] dose at the recommended three-week interval.

Dr. Rita Suri
Dr. Rita Suri

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